Let’s talk about a whirlwind adventure I recently helped in organizing  the WordPress WordCamp in Ahmedabad. Trust me, it was one rollercoaster of an experience!

You see, my WordPress journey started back in 2013. I’ve worn many hats, from building client websites to crafting themes and plugins that now power thousands of sites. But diving into the world of organizing a WordCamp? That was a whole new ball game!

So, I went from attending meetups, quietly sitting at the back, to jumping headfirst into organizing one of the most exciting WordPress events in Ahmedabad. The behind-the-scenes hustle, the teamwork, the late-night meetings—it was a wild ride, to say the least.

I’m going to take you behind the curtains of what it’s really like to organize such an event. it’s not all glamour! But amidst the chaos, there were some incredible moments, heartwarming connections, and lessons that stayed with me long after the event ended.

From navigating challenges to sharing laughs with the amazing organizing team, I want to paint you a vivid picture of what goes into making a WordCamp happen.

And let me tell you, it’s not just about the event itself—it’s about the community, the growth, and the sheer joy of being part of something bigger.

How did it all Start for me?

In 2018, our first product, The Plus Addons for Elementor, launched and is currently powering over 100K websites. Then, in 2021, we released two more products: Nexter WP Theme and The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg, both receiving a positive response. Recently, in 2023, we launched UiChemy – Figma to WordPress Converter and WDesignKit – a Collection of Elementor & Gutenberg templates and Widgets with its Builder, both in beta. Altogether, I’ve been involved in 500+ web projects and products, now empowering over 120K WordPress websites globally.

We’ve always followed the Freemium model, offering a powerful free version of our product, aligning with the open-source vision of Matt and WordPress.

To break barriers and explore the WordPress Community further, I actively started attending WordCamps in 2023. Prior to that, I had attended a few local WordCamp meetups and some WordPress Monthly Meetups, usually sitting at the back.

My journey began with WordCamp Asia Thailand 2023, followed by WordCamp Europe 2023 and WordCamp Bangalore 2023. Through this process, I met incredible WordPress enthusiasts, experiencing the warmth of the entire community and delving into both national and international WordCamps.

During this time, I got to know more about WordCamp and realized the immense effort and responsibility required to organize such events. It’s been a great learning experience and a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community that helped shape my career.

How did I meet WordCamp Ahmedabad Organiser Buddies?

While attending the Local WordCamp meetup for many months, I unknowingly met some organizing members at my first WordCamp Asia. It was later that I discovered their roles within the organizing team.

This year, most applicants from India for the Greece WordCamp Europe 2023 had their visas rejected. I received a call from Parth Pandya, whom I’d seen at meetups but hadn’t interacted with much. He needed help carrying swags as Krisha Web was a sponsor at the event.

Surprisingly, very few received visas, and I was fortunate to be one of them. Our meeting in Greece was welcoming, and our shared passion for contribution and mutual interests bonded us.

During that time, I expressed my interest in joining the organizing team to Parth Sir. He mentioned they would consider it, and the community would decide. Fortunately, one night, around 10 PM, Jagir Bahesh called me and informed me of the opportunity to join the community. I eagerly accepted, appreciating the chance.

The path to reaching the mountains is enticing, yet not without its challenges.

Joining the WordCamp Ahmedabad 2023 Organising Team was thrilling, although I realized the demanding nature of the role. Meetings often began at 10:30 PM, lasting until midnight or even 2 AM. Balancing a day starting at 6 AM, managing multiple responsibilities throughout, wasn’t easy. However, witnessing the team’s passion and dedication, some attending meetings from their offices, motivated me to give my utmost.

I was part of the Sponsor Wranglers Team, a critical aspect of the event. Our responsibilities included securing sponsors, managing communication throughout the event’s preparation phase, guiding them regarding booths, and addressing their queries, from basic to critical. The supportive nature and past experiences of my Organizer Buddies, including Harsh Bhatt, Jinal Parekh, Anuj Dalal, Parth Pandya, and Nikunj Chauhan, eased the entire journey for me.

As the event’s final countdown approached, preparations peaked.

From November 30th, activity heightened significantly. Sponsors flooded us with queries ranging from booth details to venue logistics, food preferences, decorations, and more. Meanwhile, we were engaging with vendors for booth setups, swag, and other arrangements.

The last three days leading up to the event involved late nights at the venue, sometimes until 3 AM. It demanded immense effort, but the fun part was our team. The camaraderie, jokes, shared meals, and mutual support turned the work into an enjoyable experience, almost like a party.

With our synergy, we successfully organized one of the biggest and most grand WordCamps in India.

Is it worth spending time and effort being an Organiser of WordCamp?

After reading the above, you might wonder why someone would undertake such demanding work. In community events, I suggest giving without expecting anything in return.

However, if you’re curious about the intangible benefits:

  1. Satisfaction of Giving Back to Community: Contributing to the WordPress community for the first time felt incredibly fulfilling. Until then, I’d been a consumer of its offerings, but now I felt a sense of satisfaction in contributing.
  1. Leadership and Teamwork: Working within a team for the first time, I learned crucial elements for effective leadership. This experience allowed me to implement new strategies in my company, yielding excellent results.
  1. Open Source Contribution Mindset: Contributing to the WordPress community aligns with the principles of open-source. It emphasizes collaboration, transparency, and giving back to the community, fostering a positive and inclusive environment.
  1. Personal Growth: Organizing events and contributing to the community enhances confidence, especially when overcoming challenges. It brings a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.
  1. Community Building: WordCamps unite diverse individuals within the WordPress community, facilitating networking opportunities. Connecting with professionals and enthusiasts fosters collaborations, partnerships, and friendships.

What’s Next? Will you be part of the Next WordCamp?

That decision lies with the community. If given the chance, I would love to be involved again, directly or indirectly. At POSIMYTH, we’re actively contributing in multiple ways to the WordPress Community. Our upcoming focus is on the accessibility department, and we’ve committed to sponsoring or supporting local WordCamps.

We’re also considering pledging for Five for the Future. We’re exploring various avenues to engage with the WordPress Community.

Are you contributing already or have better contribution ideas for us beyond our plans?

Thanks for reading this far. It’s been a long journey, and I wanted to share this experience. 

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I’m looking forward to connecting with you.